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“The school reflects the environment it is in. If you have a dirty or chaotic environment for students, then that’s just how they’ll be.” Insightful words of wisdom from Peggy Adams on the importance of keeping our classrooms clean and tidy.


The environment is a place where we live and die; if we do not maintain it clean and healthy, we will not be able to exist for very long. So, let’s look at how the environment is our home and how we can protect it for future generations.

When we speak about a clean city, we don’t only mean cleaning the home. When we talk about a clean city, we also mean the environment in which you are now living.


You should constantly ensure that if your house is clean, your city is much cleaner, since if you live in your home and breathe pure air, it is only because you live in a clean city.

Now, if we speak about the rural part of India, it is still lagging behind in comparison to the metropolis, and growth in the village regions is equally sluggish. People are leaving the village and settling in cities, where they begin to follow the city’s norms and standards.

However, when city people visit the village, they are unconcerned about what they are doing by creating this trash, so keep in mind that the village is also a location where you must keep it nice and clean.


As Indians, we all believe that other cities are extremely clean and healthy. What we don’t understand is that over there, people make sure that the city is clean since it is not only a municipal law, but also a citizen’s duty to keep the city clean, and this is the greatest difference between people in India and people overseas.

People are beginning to realize the significance of cleanliness in their local regions, thanks to the Indian government’s Clean India campaign. With everyone’s help, we can eventually make the whole country clean and tidy.

Currently, the Indian government has implemented certain laws and regulations about city cleanliness, and those who fail to comply must pay a penalty of between Rs.500 and Rs.1000. This is aimed at raising public awareness about cleanliness and instilling in everyone the idea that if you spread any sort of trash in a public area, you will be held responsible.

People are much more aware of not making a mess in public places now that they are aware of the penalty that can be imposed by any government employee assigned to the area, and if someone does not pay the penalty, he or she will have to go to court, where the judge will make the appropriate decision against their crime.

Even schools are now requiring students to maintain their school, college, house, and any other public area clean and orderly.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can we clean our environment essay?

A: There are many ways to clean up the environment. One way is through recycling, another would be by not flushing our toilet paper down the drain because it can clog up pipes and cause big problems.

What is cleanliness of the environment?

A: The cleanliness of an environment is how it feels to be in that area. People often feel the area around them is clean when they are able, for example, to see dirt on their shoes or if there arent any trash cans nearby.

What is cleanliness in simple words?

A: Cleanliness is a state of being or condition in which something or someone appears to be free from dirt, filth, and other impurities.

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