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The world today is full of people who know how to do everything. There are many people who can be a good doctor, a good lawyer, a good writer, a good engineer, and a good teacher. However, there are some people who are good at only one thing, such as a good painter, a good chemist, a good teacher, and a good writer. One of the many skills these people can possess is an ability to teach. Many people are able to teach students because they are able to understand that teaching others is a very important activity in a human being’s life.

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Child labor is defined as the employment of young children to do any kind of work in any location for money or to meet their basic necessities.

Because children labor harder than adults and expect less money, they utilized children’s forward. Child labor has also been called child exploitation, such as child kidnapping for child labor because they will work for free and there will be no more maintenance on the children, who will work for very little food and space because he doesn’t know anyone there and can’t speak up against the torture and moral treatment from them.

Children are sometimes threatened with being forced to labor lengthy hours. Child labor is now prohibited since youngsters of this age should be pursuing an education rather than working as laborers.

Child Labor’s History


Child labor began on a small scale for doing small jobs around the house, but after the industrial revolution, it reached an extreme level as big industries needed workers in factories, and small children were more profitable as this allowed them to work for longer periods of time in dangerous situations and hazardous environments, and they also did not complain about their environment and also to wor

During the mid-nineteenth century, educational reformers believed that primary school education was essential for children’s growth as well as the country’s progress.

Because of this, many countries enacted legislation requiring a minimum age for employment and the attendance of small children in school. However, due to a lack of enforcement, child labor resurfaced. However, the law became stronger under the National Industrial Recovery Act, which serves to reduce child labor. Following this act, many other acts such as the Mine Act and the Child Adolescent Labor Act were enacted.

Child Labor’s Causes


There are many reasons of child labor, but the most common one nowadays is the family’s financial condition; the kid is forced to work as a laborer since he comes from a poor household.

The illiteracy family is another significant source of child labor. Parents believe that sending their children to work and earning money for their daily necessities is preferable than sending them to school and spending money on education.

Child labor occurs not just as a result of poverty or illiteracy, but also as a result of the lack of a school, leaving children with little choice except to work rather than attend school to get an education.

Child Labor’s Effects


Working as a Labor Day deprives children of fundamental education and has a negative impact on their personal development, resulting in health issues. Working in a dangerous workplace may also reduce a child’s age. As a result, child labor should be avoided.

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According to the United Nations, one in ten children works before the age of 15, and one child in four is forced to work for an income. The majority of this child labor is on the plantations or in the brick industries of Africa. We must work together to stop child labor.. Read more about 1000 words essay on child labour and let us know what you think.

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