Essay On Child Education For Students In Easy Words

Education is a lifelong journey that everyone needs to take to succeed in life. There are many different aspects of it depending on your age and your area of specialty. So, as you learn throughout your life, you will acquire vast knowledge and experience, which you can use to help others and yourself.

The vital importance of the education of children is not only acknowledged by the scholars and the politicians but also by the common people. In fact, today, it has become a necessity. We are all aware that the education of children is crucial for their future as adults. Without it, they will be deprived of their rights and will not be able to participate in the society.


In India, education is very important for a girl, because if a girl is educated, the whole family is educated. Girls have the ability to share their knowledge with their friends and family.

Population in India

India is the second most populous country in the world. The number of girls getting education in India is very low, unless one realizes that they cannot get education in a country with a huge population.

Everyone needs to be educated because the government also wants people to benefit from the programs it administers. People need to be educated about this, especially girls, because they are the ones who take care of the whole family.

Free education for girls

In India, education for girls in government schools and universities is free. Girls can get free education, and the government also provides various employment opportunities, so if the girls want, they can use their knowledge to improve their situation.

Old East Indies

Girls used to not be allowed to go out on any occasion. They have to stay home and, whatever they want, depend on the other men in the house.

Now you can imagine how Indian girls lived all those years and later when people realized that it is very important for a girl to get education because if she gets education, it will make a difference in the future.

Rule violation

There are so many rules for girls in India and in the past everyone followed these rules without knowing the reason. Nowadays there are also people who want girls to follow similar rules. But thanks to education, people now know what they need to live and what they don’t.

Nowadays, even girls are allowed to ask this question. If they feel something is wrong, and it is their right to ask. No one will tell them what to do or not to do. If the girl is over 18, she has the right to ask any question.

Option for girls

Nowadays, there are so many opportunities for girls in India. You are completely free to choose your carrier. Even if they want something different for their host, it’s fine for everyone.

Or if you see the same thing in the past, you see that all these rights that girls get now, were not available to any girl in the past. They were forced to stay at home and take care of the household. They were not allowed to go out to study or work.

But today India is renewing all the rights in which the boy has everything. The same goes for girls, whether they are studying or working. Today, girls are equal to boys.

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