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This is a short but comprehensive essay on basketball for all students. We have tried to make it as easy and understandable for children, so it can be an interesting read even to older readers who might want to brush up their knowledge of this sport.

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Basketball is a sport in which two teams of five players compete against each other. Basketball is a sport in which a spherical ball rolls and bounces around the court.

There is a regulation in basketball that the players must toss the ball under the hoop that is positioned at one end of the board high on one end.


In order to play basketball, players must demonstrate a variety of abilities, including ball handling, shooting, sprinting, and leaping as quickly as possible.

Basketball’s History


Basketball is an indoor sport developed by a Springfield College education professor in Massachusetts. James Naismith developed it in December 1891.

Because his pupils were bored during the winters, James Naismith developed this activity for them.

Basketball is played on a court that is rectangular in shape. Basketball was originally played using a football, but the bounce from the football was unpredictable, thus the basketball was created. Basketballs are orange in hue with black stripes on them.

Equipment And Rules


Basketball is a two-team sport in which both sides compete to score more points by shooting the ball into the hoop against each other.

A team has a total of 12 players, five of whom play and seven of whom sit on the bench.


Basketball teams may score one, two, or three points by shooting the ball into the basket of their opponents. At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins.

The basketball court on which the contest is played is rectangular, with both side and line lines, and a goal called a hoop at the end of the lines, which is in the form of a circular basket with the bottom cut out.

Many items are needed for the game of basketball, including a basketball, a basket court, a basket hoop, and a backboard.

A game is divided into four quarters, each lasting 10 or 20 minutes. When a player hoops the ball beyond the big line on the floor, it is called 3rd point, and it is worth three points in a basketball game.

Basketball Terminology



There are numerous words used in basketball, such as draft choice, which refers to a player who is chosen to play for one of the NBA’s 30 clubs. Another term is free throw. In basketball, a free throw is thrown from the end of the line.

In a basketball game, there are many fouls regulations, such as personal fouls or technical fouls, which are based on specific basketball laws.

A player commits a personal foul when he or she makes contact with another teammate, as determined by the umpire.

In a basketball game, there are two umpires or numerous referees who determine the laws of the game. There is also a timekeeper and scorekeeper who assist the game go smoothly.

Basketball is a popular sport at many high schools, and the NBA is the most prominent basketball league in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is basketball short essay?

A: A basketball short essay is an education-related assignment where students write on a sports topic.

What is basketball in your own words?

A: Basketball is a team sport played on an oval-shaped court, by two teams of 5 players

What is basketball in a paragraph?

A: A sport that people play by bouncing a spherical object into a net

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