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Baisakhi is the first day of the first month of the year. It is the most important day in the Punjabi calendar and is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. It is a festival which is fully devoted to the deity of the Punjabi people; the creator of this universe, Lord Vishnu. At the end of this festival, the farmers get the much awaited sowing season.

Baisakhi is the most popularly celebrated festival of the Sikh community. It has been celebrated by the Sikhs since the times of their first Guru, Guru Nanak Dev. Baisakhi is celebrated in all the five nations of Sikh community with their own unique features.


It is a very important festival in India and every Indian celebrates it with joy and happiness. It is a celebration where all the farmers of India are very happy because they will soon get what they deserve.

Agricultural land

Since India is a country of farmers, cultivation of seeds and food crops is of great importance. And most Indians live by this kind of business, they sell all these products in the market and make millions and millions of dollars, but when it comes to the farmer, he is still a very poor man. For they are not well educated, and an educated man deprives the farmer of all the advantages and benefits he deserves.

Agricultural training

All farmers in India are not well educated, they are just poorly educated people. They make sure they can at least write and sign their name, but even today few Indian farmers are well educated and able to run their own businesses.

The rest of the farmers are still working on one or the other’s farm because they are unaware of their hard work, and this is the advantage the rich have which makes the farmer poorer.

What is Baisakhi?

First of all, I would like to tell you about the significance of the Baisakhi festival. In Hindi, Baisakhi means to support one’s body to stand still for someone, which has a similar meaning in the life of farmers. Baisakhi is a celebration where a farmer prunes his farm to get results.

Becoming a farmer is not easy, people think that only uneducated people are farmers, but they forget that if the farmer does not work, how are we supposed to eat? So never think that a farmer is an uneducated person, he is a person who is more than educated officers or scientists because he knows how to produce the food that helps you survive in this world and gives you the energy to fight.

Food production in India

As is well known, food production in India is the main activity of the Indian economy, but apart from that, the Baisakhi festival makes all the farmers happy and is the only time when the farmer is not thinking about hard work.

A farmer is someone who works hard all year round. The only Baisakhi celebration is the one where a farmer feels that he is the person who will fulfill all his dreams. A farmer’s dream is to see his entire farm with all the hard work he has done during the year, and if he has been rewarded for his hard work, he will work hard again the next year.

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