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Aryabhatta (c. 484 – c. 550) was an Indian mathematician and astronomer, who wrote the Aryabhatiya , an influential book on mathematics used by medieval Indian mathematicians. Aryabhatta is known as one of the most prodigious mathematicians of all time. He was a pioneer of numerology, formulated and solved the problem of quadrature, and introduced a branch of mathematics called Algebra. .

Aryabhatta was a great mathematician and one of the greatest mathematicians of the ancient world. His contributions to mathematics and astronomy are immense and are still used by scientists in today’s world.

The greatest scientist of the world, Aryabhatta of India, was born in 476. He was among the first to make an accurate measurement of the Earth and to calculate the circumference of the Earth to a precision of a quarter of a degree. He was first to accurately describe the movements of the Sun, Moon and Planets. His work is regarded as the basis for all the modern astronomy.

Aryabhatta was a famous Indian astronomer and mathematician. In the year 476 AD, Aryabhatta was born. According to the records, he was born in Kusumpura, which is now known as Patna in India, while other study books claim that he was born in Kerala.

He finished his schooling at the Bihar city of Patna. He began teaching mathematics and astronomy at the age of 23.

Contribution of Aryabhatta To The World


Aryabhatta’s greatest gift to the world is the number zero, which grants him immortality throughout the universe. In a number system, he utilized zero to represent space.

Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and astronomy are among the formulae and innovations he contributed to mathematics.

He proposed that the Earth’s form is that of a spherical rotating on its axis. He was the first to figure out how many days there are in a year. According to him, the earth has 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4.1 seconds.

He gave a scientific explanation for solar and lunar eclipses. He was able to effectively propose the idea that the region of cause of lunar and solar eclipses is caused by the Earth’s and Moon’s shadows.

He also said that the planets’ gleaming is what causes the sun’s reflection. Aryabhatta established the foundations of algebra and made many new geometric discoveries.

The Works of Aryabhatta


In 499 AD, he produced two writings, one named “Aryabhatiya” and the other “a final treatise,” both of which completely described the Ardharatrika philosophy.

There are 108 poems in his Aryabhatiya. Aryabhatiya’s 108 poems are split into four sections. The first is Gitikapada, which has 13 verses, followed by Ganitapada, which contains 33 verses, Kalakriyapada, which contains 25 verses, and Golapada, which contains 50 verses.

He also brought the world the creation of pie. Aryabhatta is working on estimating the worth of Pie. He claimed that the value of a slice of pie is 3.1416, or 3.14. In trigonometry, he also provided the values of sin and cos.

He also explains how to obtain the square root of a thematic series’ sum and solve the resulting equations. He created the ‘Aryabhatta Siddhartha’ treatise on astronomical computations.

The Importance of Aryabhatta in Today’s World


In the year 550 AD, Aryabhatta died. Aryabhatta’s contribution to astronomy had a significant impact on Indian astronomy. His innovations are very helpful in Indian astronomy.

Aryabhatta’s calculations and innovations were so influential that he was given the name Aryabhata for the first Indian satellite. In the Hindu calendar, Aryabhatta computations and innovations are utilized.

There is an Aryabhatta Knowledge University in Patna, India, dedicated to this renowned astronomer and mathematician. The government of Bihar founded this university.

In technological and astronomical areas, this university contains a lot of aryabhatta lectures. Since 2008, this university has been administered by the state of Bihar.

In Nainital, there is a study and observatory facility named for the late Aryabhatta. This facility conducts many astronomical studies and observations.

Aryabhatta had a huge effect on the globe; his teachings are being utilized today, and his morals and mathematical discoveries have had a huge impact.

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Aryabhatta was the first mathematician who was able to estimate the value of Pi correctly and was able to calculate the length of the Earth’s circumference and the distance of the Moon. Since the time of his birth, the Aryabhatta’s name has been associated with quality in Mathematics.. Read more about 10 points on aryabhatta and let us know what you think.

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