Essay On Are We Too Dependent On Computers For Students

Are we too dependent on computers for students? Let me tell you about my experience in writing my assignment on the computers. The first question that crossed my mind was – “Why do we need to write our assignment on the computers?” Some might say that this is because of the necessity of the computers for the students, but it is the students themselves who are forcing us or rather forcing themselves to use the computers. I think it is because of the habit of the use of the computers. That’s right, the habit.

Computers are a staple in students everyday life. From homework to social media, computers are around students all the time. Some people are more dependent on computers than others. It could be because of their age, or because of their lifestyle. This essay will look at if we are too dependent on computers.

In the world of technology, computers are becoming more and more of a part of our lives. From email, texting, web browsing to social networking, we are all becoming more dependent on the Internet and computers than ever before.


Humanity has grown hooked to the growth process. As a result, as we all mature, we want the world around us to evolve as well. And the computer has become our closest companion in our quest for continual progress in everything we do. They have become so ingrained in our lives that life would be unthinkable without them.

At Home Use

Essay-On-Computer-Education-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211“I use the computer every day at home and at work – both online and offline,” many individuals say. They also like playing games and recording music. In terms of making money, we have a job that allows people to apply for jobs, get job offers, work, and be paid – all without ever seeing their employer.


Essay-On-Are-We-Too-Dependent-On-Computers-For-StudentsEvery element of our everyday lives – hospital, educational institution, workplace, and home – is linked to a computer in some way. “Today, we can view our colleagues, family, and friends from all over the globe and keep in contact with them using a camera and a webcam,” says Subrata Biswas, national manager of Logitech India and SAARC.

You can’t avoid the enchantment of the computer, whether you’re studying a new medicine or playing the latest PlayStation game. They contribute significantly to globalization by bringing far-flung countries closer together. We’d be back in the days when you had to wait weeks for anything from another state if we didn’t have computers.

Important Information

1625969865_885_Essay-On-Are-We-Too-Dependent-On-Computers-For-Students“Living without a computer is like life in the Stone Age,” writes Isaac Asimov, “with knowledge accessible at the touch of a mouse.” I am not scared of computers. I’m worried about their absence. It is true that computers have evolved into a new mode of communication, as well as a way of growing the economy while advancing technology.

Some Harmful Effects

Essay-On-Are-We-Too-Dependent-On-Computers-For-StudentsHowever, there are certain drawbacks to utilizing computers. The radiation released by the computer display is one of the most serious side effects. Furthermore, when we spend a significant amount of time on the computer, we get severe back discomfort as a result of the absence of regular movement of the organs. Our youngsters are also affected by websites that include scary games and sexual material. Hacking, as well as gaining access to and utilizing personal information stored in e-mail accounts and personal computers, is becoming more common.

The danger of RSI (repetitive stress injury) is the most apparent physical consequence, although it may be mitigated with the use of a simple device. A particular screen monitor shield can filter the radiation from the computer screen. Spending too much time in front of a computer, on the other hand, decreases the amount of time spent on other outdoor and social activities, all of which are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How Can You Minimize The Negative Effects Of Using A Computer?

Keep the computer display and keyboard in front of you to prevent your neck from rotating.

The monitor’s distance from the eyes should be 20-24 inches, and its height should be 5-15 inches below the horizontal line of sight.

The height of the mouse and keyboard should be the same.

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Are we too dependent on computers for students? A new study by the Pew Research Center has found that the use of technology at school is one of the most important indicators of student success, especially in math and science. As evidence, the study notes that students who use technology at school are significantly more likely to succeed in college, as well as in their careers than those who don’t use technology.. Read more about are we too dependent on computers debate and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you too dependent on computers essay?

I am not too dependent on computers. I use them for school and work, but I also use them for fun.

Are we too dependent on computers study?

The answer is no.

Are we too dependent on computers essay Brainly?

The answer is no.

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