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Computer has become an essential tool in the lives of students, teachers and administrators. It is used for everything from homework to learning new skills. However, it also comes with a host of disadvantages that can make life difficult for both students and educators alike.

The short essay on advantages and disadvantages of computer is a short essay that discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using computers in education.



A computer is amazing and gives humans access to science. A mechanical computer was the first computer. Charles Babbage invented the first computer.




The Big Dictionary is a computer that we use to store a variety of data such as information, study materials, projects, pictures, images, video, music, songs, clips, games, and much more.

The computer is a very helpful tool. Many additional institutions have computers. Maintaining the accounting on a computer is known as business entry. The computer plays an essential part in the bank’s financial transaction records. Reservation and cancellation of computer-generated railway and airport tickets.

Banks, hotels, stores, educational institutions, hospitals, and different sectors all utilize computers. We must worship the computer as the next generation’s deity. As a result, a computer is a highly helpful equipment.

Benefits of Computers 


The computer is more than just a collection of CPUs. There’s a monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard. The hospital’s medical and health department has a machine, and x-ray, pathology, electrocardiograph, transport monitors, blood gas machines, and transport ventilators, among other things, are all computerized.


The benefits of a computer are the world’s largest system. Every government in the world utilizes a computerized system. People’s records should be kept for a lengthy period in every department.



Every country’s education system is computerized. Every educational department is required to retain student records for a lengthy period of time. A computer in education and technology allows students to solve problems, develop designs, innovate, and write software, among other things.


When compared to buying a newspaper from the market and searching for a career, you can quickly identify a position that matches our educational background.



You have no obligations, no job, and nothing to occupy your time. Let’s go on your computer [PC] and watch some hilarious videos and play some games.

Computer disadvantages 


Laptops and tablets are heavy automated devices. A computer is a general term for a variety of devices and equipment that operate on commands. Machines and computer manufacture contribute to environmental pollutants such as air pollution, water pollution, and soil contamination.


On the one hand, computers provide employment possibilities, but on the other hand, they decrease job opportunities since many machines now operate automatically; labor that used to be done by five or ten humans is now done by a machine with only one instruction.


Utilities found in most homes

A short circuit or explosion may occur if there is a problem with the power connection, or if there is a high load on the computer. And you may lose all of your data and files, or perhaps your whole system.


A virus is a computer’s worst enemy. Once it enters the system, the number of viruses increases on a regular basis, and you will eventually lose all of your essential data and information.

     Operation is fully automated.


This is the most severe and hazardous aspect of the “advantages and drawbacks of computer technology in our lives,” since certain automated operations and functions of computerized software and instructions may cease working for various causes, resulting in death.


In today’s world, a computer is required. We couldn’t fathom a world without computers.

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The essay on advantages and disadvantages of computer with quotations is a well-written essay that examines the advantages and disadvantages of computers.

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