Essay Competition 2016 India For Students & Children In Simple English

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There are several essay competitions in India and in 2016, many essay competitions were held in India in which students participated extensively.

The 2016 essay contest had several winners who won the essay contest and received various prizes and trophies and various cash prizes.

A person who wants to participate in the essay contest in India needs to fill the online form that is present on the official website of the essay contest and there are several people who just compete and also there are judges who evaluate the essays written by the people and choose the best essays and give them a prize for writing new and unique essays to influence.

It is very good to participate in national writing competitions, as this will increase your vocabulary and writing skills.


The essay contest goes through several steps, the first one is that you have to give your name and register on the official website of the essay contest and give your contact details, after which the director of the essay contest will give you a unique topic or a list of essay topics available on the official website, from which you have to choose a suitable topic on which you can write a good essay.

After you choose a topic for US, you will have a limited time to complete your essay and upload it to the website. Once all essays are uploaded, they are reviewed by English teachers who are the best essay reviewers. They review each essay and give it a grade on a scale of 1 to 10 and choose the best essay, after which the winner receives a prize for writing a unique and high-quality essay.

India Essay Contest 2016 has, and excellent opportunity for people from India to showcase their talent in essay writing and also to express their thought and vocabulary on a piece of paper by putting it in electronic form as a document.

The India Essay Contest 2016 is not only a platform for people to win, but also to teach various lessons to the people who have availed the contest, such as. B. how to write the acid, since the Aise winner will be posted on the official essay contest website for several days and everyone will have access to it.


The India Essay Contest 2016 is important, it showed the talent of people living in India and also different ways for people to access writing and show the vision and mission related to the word of their essay.

The essay competition played an important role in developing the students’ writing skills and their understanding of essay topics.

If you have any other questions about the 2016 India Essay Contest, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.


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