Computer Courses After 12th Arts Stream: Career, Scope & Job

Student life is an interesting time in everyone’s life. There are times when we grow and learn so much for life. During student life, we prepare ourselves for the future. Student life can be seen as playtime, from playtime to core, from the core to average, and beyond.

And there is one phrase that is often the most controversial, it is after the 12th week. Class. Many students are often stuck in their career goals and plans and need guidance during this time to move forward. This is the time when students are looking for the opportunity to grow and make the ideal career choice that will help them succeed in their lives.

Today we are here to think about how we can help and guide these students who find themselves in the same limbo. Join us to learn more about the various computer courses and others that can be taken after senior year.

What is the artistic component? – Like science and business, art is another important stream used by students after tenth grade. Many students end up in the humanities. The main subjects studied in this branch are history, English, geography, and political science. These are compulsory and elective courses such as economics, psychology, sociology, and others.

Students who aspire to an administrative position in the future generally take this course. But also students who love unconventional career choices like psychology and more. That doesn’t mean you don’t have other career options, like computer science. You can have it, and we’ll describe it below.

Computer courses and their current requirements

Computer courses are currently in high demand. Computer courses open up different career options and allow you to progress through different stages. This is one of the modern professions, and computer courses are integrated into training in all areas. Computer courses include many courses such as graphic design, multimedia, animation, and others, as well as areas such as data entry and visualization.

All of these courses can be taken by Grade 12 students. After the end of grade 12, students can take computer courses and continue to grow in life. Most jobs and professions require computer skills, and having them is essential. It’s not that you have to take the whole course, there are subtle computer courses that are already integrated into the training. But even moving to a full-fledged computer course will open new doors in your career. We will examine them in detail below.

Computer science courses beyond grade 12 Artistic level

1. Diploma in 3D animation

Course Details – This course covers the aspect of animation. Think cartoons, caricatures, and many other things you loved as a child. The 3D animation is about the conversion of cartoon characters into graphs. A student with insight and imagination will do well in this field. A 12th-grade art student. Students who have completed the first year can participate in this course. This course takes only a year to complete and is easy to learn.

Scope – Any student who completes this course will be able to enter fields such as the advertising industry, software, film industry, video games, etc. You can work on creating comic books, designing, and creating online courses.

Salary details – Rs 129 000 – Rs 700 000

2. Multimedia diploma

Course Details – Multimedia is booming these days, as is 3D animation. Many colleges and universities offer this course in conjunction with 3D animation. But it’s also a brand new course known around the world. It also uses the computer to create multimedia documents. This course allows you to create movies, short films, videos, and more. And it’s all learned on the computer, so you can edit and create from here.

Scope – Students taking this course may enter the film industry, advertising industry, video companies, and software companies.

Salary – Rs 134 000 – Rs 750 000

3. Diploma in Digital Marketing

Course Details – This course is booming these days and allows you to go into marketing, which is a new era. Digital marketing is a modern trend that enables businesses and organizations to grow. It allows you to go through the use of the internet and develop in this way. The use of the internet and computer is very widespread today and is necessary for better growth. A student can get a degree in digital marketing and have a great career.

Scope – This course is very broad in scope as every business needs a digital marketing team. It is the basis for career development and it is a necessary condition. They are also part of the continued growth of the company.

Salary – Rs 180,000 – Rs 750,000

4. Diploma in graphic design

Course Details – Almost similar to a 3D animation course, this one is a little different and more for graphics purposes. He researches graphics and helps create posters, creative designs, texts for digital marketing, and much more. Graphic design is part of the digital marketing team that can be found in every business today. Today, these are highly sought after jobs that are essential to the growth of a business and more.

Scope – The graphic design team is in high demand these days and it is a fairly lucrative profession. With the internet and growth still on the agenda, graphic design will be one of the most sought after places.

Salary – Rs 180 000 – Rs 700 000

5. Diploma in web design and development

Course Details – Creating websites is another great way to build confidence. It is one of the most fashionable things and if you do it with the right dedication, you can be successful, both in terms of your career and your money. Since this is the age of the internet, everything seems to be on the internet. Nowadays, a website must be used for everything. And that’s why website design and development is so important these days.

Scope – A website developer can make a lot of money in their career. Moreover, they are not limited to working for one company or for limited liability clients. They can always expand their work and having a self-employed is a great platform for them.

Salary – Rs 240 000 – Rs 840 000

6. Computer application/programming license

Course Details – The ACO is a course that few people know about or want to know about. But this course is very important and crucial for your career development. After 12 years. In class, this BCA will be a 3-year course and is the right course for you to learn all the skills of computer applications, website creation, and more. It’s definitely more of a room in itself, and a good choice for that.

Domain – The career profile of ACO students is very impressive. They can go into any company and work in the profiles of computer application administrators, programmers, web developers, support staff, and many others. They’re very popular right now.

Salary – Rs.242,000 to Rs. 848.000

7. Digital Film Production Diploma

Course Details – This course can be described as similar to the Diploma in Multimedia and more, but you should keep in mind that this course is also very different. He is particularly focused on making digital films, where the use of computers is widespread. It’s a very good choice.

Reach – As the world of series and video content blossoms on the web, you can expect people with this career choice to reach great heights in life. You have a great chance of finding a job right away.

Salary – Rs. 220,000 – Rs. 780.000

These are the best computer courses an art student can take after graduating from high school. These courses are more modern and important and you can easily get a job and good salary thanks to these courses. We hope to give you a better understanding of the subject after the twelfth-grade exams. The class can help you orient your career so that you have a good career and life ahead of you.

Frequently asked questions about computer courses

Is it worth taking a computer course after grade 12? Class? Are they good? What about job offers?

For all we know, today it honestly doesn’t matter what you study. The most important thing is the practical knowledge and skills you have. Yeah, computer classes after grade 12. Today’s art is worth the time and money you invest. There are a large number of vacancies for candidates with the required computer skills and knowledge.

Our diploma programs better than other programs for ages 12 and older? Art studies?

Each course has its advantages and disadvantages. No education system in the world is perfect. There are several IT and computer-related organizations in India that believe that graduates are better than others. However, most organizations do not consider this to be the case. This does not mean that the degree of education is lower, but the depth of theoretical knowledge of graduates is low and the degree of practical knowledge is high. So, if you have strong practical skills, you can easily get the job.

Which of the above 7 courses is the best?

What do you mean, a better course? What do you expect from a better class? It’s impossible to rate any one course, all of the above courses are the best. If you have a course in mind that could land you a job, be aware that the best course we recommend is not necessarily the best one for you. The best course is subjective to the candidate. If you are interested in and have skills in marketing, then digital marketing might be the best course for you, but if you have no marketing skills but have excellent drawing and graphic design skills, then the best course for you is graphic design. Do you understand now?

6 of the 7 courses listed are diploma courses, is there a reason for this selection?

Yes, to know better, you need to know the big difference between an education and a bachelor’s degree. An important difference is that the diploma program is more focused on the practical part of the study and the bachelor program on the theoretical part of the study. In terms of computer skills, candidates with more practical skills are preferred over theoretical knowledge. In addition, employment opportunities for graduates in graphic design, filmmaking, digital marketing, 3D animation, etc. are comparatively higher than for graduates with bachelor’s degrees.

Can I get a job in the film industry after completing my Digital Filmmaking Diploma course?

Yes, movies, TV series, animations, etc. – are some of the common areas of employment opportunities for a digital cinema graduate. However, it is not easy to take this course. The applicant must have relevant skills and knowledge in the field of digital filmmaking. In most of these sectors, skills and knowledge are more important than a certificate.

Can I get a job in a computer company with a Bachelor’s degree in computer applications/programming?

Yes, most IT companies hire candidates with good computer programming/application skills. If you complete the course and have good programming skills, you may be able to get a job with a computer company.

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