Best Dentist Side Hustles To Increase Income

Dentist Side Hustles To Increase Income

A student loan can be a scary and stressful experience. You need to go to school and learn how to pay for it and then you need to find a job. A lot of us are stuck in a cycle where we are stressed about our debt for a long time before we even start working. It is a vicious cycle that affects our health and our financial situation.

This is the place to find out what side hustles can be a great way to make extra money while in school.

Do you have an upcoming dental appointment? Do you need to fill a cavity, or have an extraction? Are you a dental assistant looking for a new way to earn an extra income? You can use your creativity, education and skills to increase income through a business that you run at your practice. From a bookkeeping service to a marketing company, there are many ways that you can make extra money in your professional practice while doing something you love!. Read more about how to make extra money as a dentist and let us know what you think.After many years of dental education and training, you have chosen to become a dentist. They are likely to earn about $164,010 per year, which is the median salary for dentists in 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

If you are at the beginning of your career, perhaps as a trainee dentist, your income is probably not as high as you would like. And even experienced dentists can be saddled with large debts to pay off.

Fortunately, dentists are in high demand as healthcare professionals and the outlook for dental careers is positive, with 3% growth expected from 2019 to 2029. Earning more money, however, can ease your financial burden, whether it’s student loans or the goal of building wealth for your future. If you need extra income to get away each month or to pay off your debts faster, you’ll find plenty of ideas for side hustles here.

Focus on why you want to earn extra money

If you’re looking for ways to make more money alongside your full-time career as a dentist, think about why you’re doing it. Your reasons for seeking a part-time job in dentistry may be purely financial, or you may want to pursue another interest in your spare time.

Before choosing a side business or a way to make money online as a dentist, you need to determine your main goal. If you want to achieve a specific goal of earning extra income each month, this is what you should focus on when looking for a part-time job. Your motivation may be to find a creative outlet or to do something completely different from your nine-to-five job.

Think about your motives and goals for a part-time dental job, it will help you narrow down your options. First, let’s look at some part-time dentist jobs that are suitable for people with dental experience.

How to earn more money as a dentist: Industrial Power

1. adopt additional layers

Sometimes we think about taking a part-time job, but we don’t consider this fairly simple option: taking on extra shifts at your regular job. Not every employer will allow this, but if your dental practice allows dentists to request overtime or extra shifts, it’s an effective way to make extra money.

2. Undeclared work at other dental practices

Your first employer may not offer overtime, but may allow you to work at other dental offices in your area. You can relieve your colleague by offering to make appointments on weekends when the primary dentist prefers not to work. Or just service in the office if there is a shortage of staff.

It is not uncommon for dentists to resort to side jobs to pay their bills during their meager residency. Why take this opportunity to fill a few extra hours in your week? You may also want to change jobs or become a part-time worker.

3. Expand your talent pool by specializing in dentistry

A fantastic way to earn more money is to obtain additional degrees in a dental specialty. The American Dental Association promotes a wide range of specialties that have been approved and adopted by the National Commission on Dental Specialty Recognition and Certification Boards.

  • Dental Anesthesiology
  • Dental public health
  • Endodontics
  • Oral and maxillofacial pathology
  • Oral and maxillofacial radiology
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Oral medicine
  • Orofacial pain
  • Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Periodontology
  • Prostheses

Certification in one or more specialties can have a positive effect on your resume and provide additional earning opportunities. If you have a particular passion for a field, it can make your career more meaningful.

4. Virtual Teledentistry

As more and more daily activities move to the online environment, including telemedicine, even dentists are learning to perform virtual oral exams on their patients. The American Dental Association (ADA) notes that dentistry has traditionally been a profession practiced in person, but technological advances are enabling dentists to provide good care and advice through virtual methods.

5. Take another position

Locum tenens means someone has a temporary job. It is often used in connection with doctors and clergy. While not really a part-time job for dentists, locum posts are an option for those who can choose a location and want to work in an area where there is a shortage of dental services.

Many medical specialties, including dentistry, can be used in low-income areas where the specialist works as a locum for a period of time. In this case you work full time instead of part time, but it can be an interesting alternative to working in a regular practice. is one of the online job boards for these types of positions.

6. Preparation for dental admission test

While there are many resources for prospective dental students preparing for the dental entrance test (DAT), you may be able to offer exam preparation services on your own time.

You can organise individual or small group tutoring sessions or set up a mini-course to help students prepare for exams.

Other activities to earn extra money as dentist

Knowledge or training in dentistry is not necessarily required for the following positions. These are legitimate ways to make a little or a lot of money. Keep in mind that most of them don’t pay the same hourly wage as your dental clinic, but they can be just as rewarding.

7. Online courses

You’ve probably heard of the many online companies that offer courses and tutoring. With a good internet connection and an interest in children and learning, you can join them and make online teaching a lucrative side income.

Teaching online is an ideal side income for almost anyone because it’s flexible (you can work from anywhere, at any time) and the subjects you can teach are endless. Many companies offer online English tutoring and they often prefer to hire Americans.

VIPKid and QKids are popular companies to work for. At VIPKid, teachers earn between $14 and $22 per hour, depending on factors such as the number of classes per week. QKids says the base price is $8 per half-hour class.

If teaching English as a second language doesn’t suit you, you can try Udemy, Outschool or any other platform that allows you to teach any subject. Even the most obscure knowledge or skills can be monetized here, from world languages to coding to Minecraft.

8. Starting a blog

If you have a great passion for a topic (not necessarily dental hygiene), you can create a blog to make extra money as a dentist. Blogging is a competitive medium, with hundreds of millions of blogs online today.

If you are willing to put in a lot of effort to create top quality content and build an online presence, it is very possible to make money online with a blog. Affiliate marketing and selling original products are the two main strategies to make money for bloggers. But be careful: It often takes years of work before you can generate a passive income.

9. As a deliveryman

Maybe you like driving and service-oriented work. You can earn extra income alongside your day job as a driver at Lyft or Uber, or deliver groceries through Instacart or Uber Eats. An added benefit of this job: You can listen to podcasts or books while driving to expand your knowledge.

10. Freelance photography

Do you know how to use a camera? Do you like contact with people? You can then use some of your free time to work as a freelance photographer. Pay varies widely, but according to, freelance photographers earn an average of $37.29 per hour.

If you love big events like weddings and don’t mind sacrificing your days off, wedding photography can be a lucrative side income for dentists. It is also possible to earn extra money with your passion for photography by organizing photo shoots for newborns or families and helping people capture lasting memories.

11. Creating an online course

As an online business opportunity, creating a course is another option. Of course, it is possible to combine this course with a blog in the same time frame, so that the blog brings customers to the course and vice versa. For a second job, online courses are a good example of a passive income strategy.

With an online course, you take care of content development, formatting, audio or video recording, marketing and other tasks from the beginning. Then, when it’s ready and available for sale, you can relax and start a side income without much effort.

12. Writing an eBook

If you are interested in writing, have an interesting topic or plot, and are willing to work hard, writing an e-book is a way for dentists to make extra money. It could be a goal you’ve always wanted to achieve, or it could just be one of the many ways you can make money while working full time.

With Amazon or other marketplaces, publishing an eBook is possible for just about anyone. Making money as an ebook author, however, is not a piece of cake. It takes dedication to quality work and hard work to promote and sell your book.

13. Selling items on Etsy or eBay

To unleash your creative side, making original products to sell on Etsy can be a great side income for a dentist. Bonus points if you make a product digital, for example. B. a printable pdf, so you can make the product once and passively earn from it indefinitely (no shipping costs).

Or maybe you like looking for things at flea markets and in the garage. Some people make extra money by selling items on eBay. This activity may be suitable for you if you already enjoy searching and retrieving objects. With the right combination of hard work and luck, it can be very lucrative!

14. Freelance work in various sectors

Freelancing is growing by leaps and bounds. According to a study by Edelman Intelligence and Upwork, 59 million Americans will be working as freelancers by 2020, representing 36 percent of the total U.S. workforce.

There are freelance opportunities in a variety of areas, including:

  • Editorial
  • Modification of
  • Household help or pet sitting
  • Graphic design
  • Web Development
  • social media management
  • Notary services

Fiverr and Upwork are different platforms where you can work as a freelancer.

15. Hosting a room on Airbnb

You may not want to be a year-round homeowner, but if you have some spare space in your home, consider becoming an Airbnb landlord. This allows you to share part of your home or other property with guests and earn rental income.

Earn more money as a dentist

Are you thinking about taking early retirement or becoming financially independent? If this is the case, an additional activity may be a way to speed up your journey. However, if your main goal is to pay off your dental school debt, you can use any extra income you earn to supplement that amount.

There are many part-time jobs for dentists, but it is up to you to choose the one that best suits you and your situation. Remember, your decision could be as simple as taking an extra shift at work rather than starting something entirely new.


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