BBS Course Details: Eligibility, Syllabus, Salary, Fees, Scope and more

Today’s business world offers more possibilities and opportunities for young graduates. Business demand is increasing. This requires individuals to take on new business functions. One such postgraduate course that promotes the study of business is the Bachelor of Business. This is a three-year licensing program that teaches advanced business subjects. Because there is so much inspiration to start a business, many people prefer this excellent academic course. If you want to start your own business, there is no better way than a BBS. This course is in high demand and you can read more about it here.

It’s hard for a business environment to survive. This is a sector in which there are strong competitors. To survive in this dynamic environment, entrepreneurs need to develop a lot of knowledge and skills. Therefore, the BBS course teaches candidates all aspects of the business. In this course, students learn about marketing, accounting, finance, economics, and business.

By taking this course, you can gain academic and intellectual knowledge in the field of business. It is a course that prepares people to develop skills in management, communication, practice, and decision-making. The BBS course is not only theoretical but also practical for the younger generation. Learning entrepreneurial skills is easy in this course. You can find out how to start a business and how to run it as an entrepreneur. It ensures that the candidates are fully trained. If you choose this path, you will have many options for your future career. Now let’s look at the details of the BBS course.

Why study BBS?

Today’s companies need candidates who know every aspect of the business. The most business-oriented course for candidates is the BBS course. Many of those who are passionate about starting their own business choose this course. Promising career opportunities are one of the reasons for choosing a BBS degree. Let’s look at other reasons to take this course.

  • Candidates who choose this field have excellent direct access to the market. During this internship, they can become aware of the market trends and requirements. It’s easy to get experience starting a business when you enter the job market. You can work closely with a sales organization that helps develop sales strategies. You can also develop skills that are relevant in today’s business world.
  • Another important reason for choosing this path is the rapid growth and size of the field. A hard-working candidate can quickly advance to an executive, team leader, mid-level or senior position in an organization.
  • The salary or wages are higher after taking the BBS course. In the initial stages, candidates can expect various jobs with salaries ranging from Rs.2 to Rs.6 per annum.

Course details BBS

The BBS course helps candidates become entrepreneurs, managers, leaders, and more. After completing a BBS course, you can pursue postgraduate studies in many other business-related courses. After completing the three-year BBS course, you can easily join any organization and earn a good salary. The main features of the BBS are as follows

Finance course:

Finance is a vast subject that is very important in a business environment. Finance is the lifeblood of any business. In the BBS course, you can learn about different aspects of financial topics. You can learn about financial analysis, portfolios, international finance, financial markets, financial services, income tax, and planning. By the end of the course, you will know how to manage the company’s finances.

Marketing Course :

By taking a BBS course you can gain experience in marketing. Marketing is the advertising and promotion of companies. You’ll find information on consumer behavior, salespeople, advertising, brands, retail management, etc. Candidates can be admitted to all other marketing-related courses after completing the BBS course.

Human Resources Course :

Human resources management is the best thing you can learn in a BBS course. You can learn about human resources, compensation, management systems, employment law, and international human resources. Candidates who have completed the BBS course can enroll in the MBA program and choose to develop their career opportunities in the field of human resource management.

Eligibility criteria for BBS

Before you start taking a BBS course, you should check your eligibility. Students who wish to choose a BBS course must take 12 courses. You must score over 60% in 12 exams. You must be proficient in subjects such as geography, history, accounting, business, math, and words.

You must have a high school diploma to take the BBS course. To be admitted to the BBS course, the candidate must pass the entrance exam. Some universities also conduct interviews on the shop floor. Candidates must perform well in a face-to-face interview in order to take the course. Also, check that you have the percentage limit required to enroll in the course.

Curriculum for the BBScourse

The BBS coursework enables students to gain practical knowledge of the business environment. There are 20 mandatory topics and four optional topics. Each semester you will learn about different aspects of finance, marketing, economics, and business. Let’s take a look at the BBS syllabus.

  • Business statistics and applications
  • Corporate Communications
  • Basic management principles
  • Financial bookkeeping
  • Public relations and general affairs
  • Information technology for businesses
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing Management
  • cost and activity accounting
  • Quantitative management techniques
  • Financial Management
  • Management of human resources
  • Production and management
  • Business Research
  • Project management and entrepreneurship
  • Legal aspects of Indian affairs

Cost and duration of course BBS

The BBS program is a 3-year program that prepares candidates for business studies. The cost of this course may vary depending on location. Nevertheless, it is one of the most affordable and effective undergraduate programs for candidates. The cost of a BBS course can range from Rs.30000 to Rs.40000. After completing this degree, candidates can expect a minimum remuneration of 3 to 4 lakhs per annum.

Future scope of BBS award

After the BBS, there are no restrictions or limitations on pursuing higher education. Once you graduate from BBS, you have a choice of continuing education options. These BBS postgraduate courses can enhance your career. The tuition fee for BBS postgraduate courses is between 3 and 6 lakh. Let’s see what it is.

  • Master of Business Administration

The BBS is a good foundation course for an MBA. An MBA is a more competitive degree that gives you a wide range of career options. It is quite easy for BBA students to get an MBA. To get admitted to an MBA institution, you may need to get high grades. The GMAT and GRE are among the tests you must take to enter an MBA program. There is also a serious entrance test for admission to MBA institutions.

A business degree is the best two-year program you can choose after you graduate. This is an in-depth course that is in high demand. Many international companies often hire candidates with a MIM degree. The most reputable universities offer a presentation program before hiring candidates. After this course, you can have fantastic job prospects with national and international companies.

  • Master of Entrepreneurship

The Master of Entrepreneurship is another 24-month program. This course is designed for young entrepreneurs who are ready to innovate in business. This course covers both practical and theoretical topics. The selection criteria for admission to this course are test scores or GMAT and GRE scores.

Career opportunities for BBS

The BBS course is an excellent course for candidates expecting incredible job opportunities, both nationally and internationally. The exposure in this field is very high, allowing you to gain exceptional knowledge and experience. After taking the BBS course, there is a course for both postgraduate students and job seekers. It is undervalued security compared to B.Com and BBA. After completing the BBS course, you can easily become a business professional. You can join an organization or start a business after you graduate from the BBS.

Best jobs for BBScourse

Below is the list of known vacancies at BBS.

Business Analyst is a quality job that you can get after the BBS. The best companies after being paid for the part. You can become a business analyst in a leading company to gain more visibility and knowledge in this field. The estimated salary that you can get in this position is 6 lakhs per annum. It is easy for a business analyst to get a higher promotion.

It is the job of a stockbroker to interpret and analyze stock market profiles. The scholarship is a difficult field with excellent salaries. However, BBS candidates find the position easily as they have extensive knowledge in this field. After completing the BBS course, you will be able to work on national and international trade shows. The average salary for this position is Rs 4 lakh per annum.

According to the BBS, the auditor’s view is the most common. The workload is becoming less and less. Accounting, control of financial transactions are some aspects of this work. You can easily get a job as an accountant anywhere in the world. The average account balance is 2.5 lakh.

Management consulting is a high-end option after completing the BBS degree. A business consultant manages the business environment and proposes strategies for a dynamic business environment. You can get up to 10 lakh salary for this job.


The BBS is a multi-faceted curriculum that is the key to a successful career. If you are interested in higher education, you can get admission to the best PG courses. You also have a wide range of vacancies in BBS courses. The BBS teaches you all the skills you need to create and manage your business.


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