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On July 26th , 2015, India celebrates the 44th anniversary of its Independence. Since the day we became a free country, the country has witnessed many struggles and many more victories. The nation has always been a land of dreamers and achievers. Our youth is the driving force behind our progress and future. We are proud that we have produced such a generation of students, who are prepared to face the challenges of our era and live up to our ideals of “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas” (All Together, All Progress).

On the day of independence celebration, all the students of the world try to wish the people of their country the best. But some of the students want to represent their country rather than wish the people in their country. Some of the students are patriotic and want to wish the people of their country the best. But some of the students are not patriotic and don’t want to wish the people of their country the best. Let us show you Independence day in Hindi.

The 15th. August is the national holiday of India. The 15th. August 1947 is written in golden letters in the history of India. On this memorable day our country became independent after centuries of English rule. Since then, hundreds of thousands of Indians have celebrated this holiday as Independence Day. All school offices, institutions and markets are closed for the occasion. Every year on this date, the Prime Minister raises the national flag on the ramparts of the Red Fort in India’s capital Delhi and delivers a message to the nation. The national flag was saluted with 21 cannon shots, followed by the national anthem.

Homage to freedom

This symbol of freedom and prosperity is celebrated throughout India with great pomp and circumstance. The morning of the 15th. In August, national leaders pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, national leaders and freedom fighters and then visit the Raj Ghat Samadhi. When you reach the Red Fortress, inspect and greet the parade of the three organs (air, water and space) and other forces.

Hoisting the flag

The 15th. In August, the national flag is raised on all public buildings and everyone hangs out the national flag on their homes and businesses. On this day, government offices and many special places are lit up all night. The capital of India, Delhi, is said to be the groom because of its beauty. In all schools and colleges, this holiday is celebrated on the first day, the 14th. August, celebrated. On this day, fruit and sweets are distributed to children in schools.


The 15th. August is the Indian festival of pride and happiness. This festival calls for renewal and patriotism in the hearts of all Indians. Independence Day reminds us of the freedom we have gained through these sacrifices.

Because thousands of our country’s brave soldiers sacrificed their lives to make the country independent. Many leaders tortured prisoners to gain freedom. Our country could become independent after hard work and sacrifice.

Celebration of the day

Independence Day is also celebrated with great pomp in India, as well as social and religious festivals. Independence Day is a national holiday celebrated on the 15th. August is celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm. On that day our country was freed from foreign slavery and the British, having left India, returned and placed the reins of the country in our hands.

That is why we all celebrate this day as a historic day. Independence Day holds great significance for the Indian people. The prime ministers of the states address the audience and report on the country’s successes. On this occasion, many cultural programs are organized in the cities.

Flag hoisting at school

Independence Day is also celebrated in schools. We will assemble on the school grounds at 8:00 am. Then the director and other teachers are present. The ceremony begins with the playing of the national anthem and the hoisting of the tricolor by the heads. Then students take turns singing songs about patriotism, followed by speeches from teachers and principals, explaining to students the importance of Independence Day.

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