Anthropology Courses Details: Syllabus, Eligibility, Career

Anthropology is becoming a popular course in Indian colleges due to increased career opportunities and reduced competition. Although anthropology is a very broad field and you can try BA Hons, B.Sc., and other subjects, it is a pretty good place to start.

Especially if we look at the field of undergraduate anthropology, we can expect a bright future. It is a three-year bachelor program that covers all similarities and differences in human behavior. It starts with a study of culture, biology, organizational differences, and much more. Because man seems to be a rather extensive subject, different aspects are taken into account over the years.

There are various topics such as socio-cultural anthropology, archaeological anthropology, and biological anthropology. Students in socio-cultural studies will find that there is much to learn about human nature in this specific area. Topics such as human personality, how people learn and the influences of nature are important topics that are explored during the course.

Candidates wishing to study anthropology will find that this course offers a wide range of disciplines and jobs. There are subsectors that offer you opportunities, so it’s usually your perspective or your passion.

Course anthropology India

Instead of making compromises in the workplace, you should consider important aspects such as B. what you will learn and what career opportunities are available to you in the future. Here we cover all the essential elements of the Anthropology course that will help you understand whether this course is for you or not. Let’s take a dive into the depths –

B.Sc. Anthropology program

In this three-year program, you will study seven subjects and various electives. The most important subjects you will study in your first year are the following

  • Introduction to social anthropology
  • Archaeological Anthropology – II
  • Archaeological Anthropology – I
  • Anthropology of kinship
  • Introduction to biological anthropology
  • Biostatistics and data analysis
  • Technical Writing
  • Communication in English or computer skills

In these subjects, you will learn about basic human nature and how people react to things. Factors may vary, but it certainly depends on important factors such as culture, lifestyle, organization, biological factors, etc. In your second year, you’re going to study

  • Theories of culture and society
  • Tribes and small farmers in India
  • Biology / Cell Biology – I
  • Biodiversity and indigenous knowledge / Cell biology II
  • Human Genetics
  • Anthropology of religion, politics, and economics
  • Molecular Biology – I
  • Anthropology of India / Molecular Biology-II

There are genetic differences that need to be taken into account, and you will go into more detail about considerations based on political, economic, stem-related, etc., factors. The general conclusion is that people’s way of thinking is based on their genetics. The final year of anthropological research…

  • Theories of culture and society
  • Tribes and small farmers in India
  • Biology / Cell Biology – I
  • Biodiversity and indigenous knowledge / Cell biology II
  • Human Genetics
  • Anthropology of religion, politics, and economics
  • Molecular Biology – I
  • Anthropology of India / Molecular Biology-II

The last year will probably be a bit typical, but by the second year you have acquired the basics, you have learned about the extra factors that play a role in human nature. The most important factor is to understand the differences and the way things work.

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The curriculum may vary depending on which university you choose, but the basics remain the same. Other topics can help you to open your mind and think like an expert. You have to be especially careful in understanding the differences in the early years because the basis plays a major role throughout the years.

Eligibility criteria

In most colleges, there are no restrictions on the admission criteria, as these vary from one college to another. If you want to enroll in a public institution of higher education, the admission requirements differ. There’s an entrance exam that you have to take to be admitted.

Most institutes in India require more than 50% of the cumulative marks in the respective exams. Since anthropology is an undergraduate subject, candidates must have good grades in physics, biology, and chemistry. These are mandatory subjects, and sufficiently high scores on these tests can make you feel it’s an easy job, but there are a few other factors that need to be respected.

The academic year 2020-2021 will be slightly different after the change in the structure of universities, so different factors will have to come together in the coming years. This year, admission can only take place on the basis of grades and entrance exams. You can verify your eligibility online by completing the evaluation form that accompanies your exam.

The best universities that offer a B.Sc. Anthropology students are affiliated and would like you to have an interview, which also determines whether or not you will be admitted. In most institutes, the session starts in July, but there are other renowned universities that allow you even after a few months because of the pandemic.

You can still check in December whether the best universities are eligible and find a way to apply.  It’s just that most higher education institutions…

  • The applicant must have completed grade 12. Good luck with the exam.
  • You must have a scientific discipline and study physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • To get into a good university, a student had to score 50% or more.

These are just some of the benefits that every candidate for a BA in anthropology will have to go through to get access to the best universities. Don’t forget that the best universities need a first degree and more than 60% of grades in physics, chemistry, and biology.

Career opportunities

As mentioned earlier, the Bachelor of Science Anthropology opens up a wide range of disciplines to any student who wants to get to know people and their differences. The most possible and simple professions in this area are

  • You can easily find a university job in anthropology and get a good grade. Several universities lack a qualified anthropology professor, so this is not a bad opportunity to take advantage of.
  • Another easy option is to find a job in companies in the field of human resource development. Their task will be to balance the relationship between industry and society in order to increase productivity.
  • Most museums in India need well-trained anthropologists, and the same goes for girl artists, where well-paid jobs can be found. The best thing is that the salaries in these places are pretty good and you will find these jobs very interesting.
  • You can find work in libraries and archives. These jobs are easy and you can expect real pay in these jobs. If you want something overpaid, there are jobs in the public sector for the same activities.
  • You can work as an archaeologist, linguist, tour guide, curator, editor, social worker, and in many other areas such as social services. Yes, you can set up your own social services agency with the knowledge you have acquired in this field.
  • If you are looking for adventure and a well-paid job, you can try your hand at forensics. Similar jobs are also available in the research department, where you can expect fairly good opportunities.

With the diploma obtained at the end of these three years of study, you can get an educational relationship in any public or private school. Although there are a number of possibilities, there are also other areas that require the expertise of anthropologists. The other options are…

  • Research institutes
  • /Hospital director…
  • Medical schools and universities
  • Health centers in the Community
  • Medical literature
  • Ministry of Health

By keeping up to date with all available jobs, you can make a great career. Demand and competition is a problem. There is little competition, but there is a problem with demand. Yes, the demand for such a job is not very great, while good grades and a salary from a renowned university will open the door to a secure future.


In this area, you can learn many factors in discipline, personal development, skills, and much more. If you are considering finding a job in this field, you can apply to one of the best universities. By checking the authorization, you can save time. If you cannot be admitted to a reputable university, you can prepare and retake the exam.

By studying in this field you may have an excellent career opportunity so far. Open other jobs with this degree, and if you want to get a good salary, try to focus more on personality development factors and self-confidence, and good grades for all three years. The best companies and the best salaries are easy to find in this area.


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