7 Fabulous iPad Apps to Create Short Animated Lessons for Your Flipped Classroom |

The iPad is a powerful tool in the hands of educators. It offers a variety of apps that can help students learn and develop skills in a fun way. Here are 7 apps to use with your students in the classroom.

The flipped classroom is a method of teaching that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is designed to use technology for the most effective learning experience possible.

Today, though, I’m going to show you a collection of fantastic applications for creating short video lectures and tutorials to share with your students. They may also be used to:

  • Explain everything from arithmetic to chemistry to music theory to basket weaving with ease.
  • Any trip pictures you wish to post should have a personal note attached to them.
  • For sports, draw attacking and defensive tactics.
  • Students’ work is graded along with a commentary that explains why they performed as they did.
  • Use a “flipped classroom” strategy.
  •  Display your lessons on the internet and share your expertise with your students, friends, family, or the rest of the world!


I carefully selected the applications listed below and only included what I consider to be the finest available.

1- Instructions


This is my personal favorite. You may use Educreations to make short video recordings that contain your own voice, text, drawings, sketches, and photographs. The following are some of the features that Educreations offers to its users: • Make a recording of your voice, writings, and drawings and play it back. •Add text to any page • Add photos from the iPad camera, Photo Albums, Dropbox, or the Web • Animate images by dragging them around while recording • Create multiple whiteboard pages • Scroll pages up and down when you need more space • Easily erase drawing mistakes • Unlimited undo and redo • Pause/resume or start over recording at any time On educreations.com, you can create a free account and select who may see your courses. • Embed your lessons on your blog or website • Share your lessons through email, Facebook, and Twitter

2- ShowMe


ShowMe is similar to Educreations in that it also enables you to record videos on your iPad. This software may be used to create tutorials and short video lectures that you can share with your pupils. ShowMe’s users may take use of the following features:

  • You don’t need any manuals or complex menus to record your ShowMe lesson straight immediately.
  • Add pictures on the whiteboard.
  • To make your ShowMe flow from idea to concept, easily switch between sketching and erasing (as well as stopping and playing).
  • You may make your ShowMe as long or as short as you’d like, and you can record as many as you’d like. Let your imagination go wild!
  • Upload your ShowMe to share with the community after you’ve done recording (or keep it private if you prefer) 
  • Find amazing instructions made by other ShowMe users.

DoodleCast Pro is the third option.


You can make stunning drawings and presentations on your iPad with DoodleCast Pro. The software also enables audio recording, enabling you to use your own voice to accompany your artwork. It has the following features:

• Customize the backdrop and add your own pictures • Save movies and pictures straight to your photo album • Built-in support for sharing through Dropbox, YouTube, and email • Support for multiple pages as well as undo and redo • Control over colors, line weight, and opacity • Multiple brush and pointer styles The new rewind function allows you to swiftly correct errors. 4- Describe everything


Explain Everything is a fantastic interactive whiteboard that lets you make screencasts and video lessons with annotations, animations, narration, and the ability to import and export nearly anything to and from almost anyplace. It has the following features:

5- Board Cam Professional


Board Cam turns your iPhone or iPad into a document camera or a whiteboard. Perform live dynamic presentations of items, interact with pictures saved on your device, write on a whiteboard, or via video streaming** while recording videos! Make excellent instructional and how-to videos. What people see is what you do. 6- Inquire3


Ask3 transforms iPads in the classroom into recordable whiteboards, allowing for peer-to-peer instruction and collaboration. While anybody may use Ask3, we’re looking for feedback from instructors who are interested in teamwork and student participation.

7- Knowledgemia


For instructors and their students, Knowmia Teach is a new free lesson planning and recording tool. It enables you to produce short video lectures on any topic and post them on Knowmia.com for students, other instructors, and the general public to access. Knowmia Teach makes it simple to include visual aids from a variety of sources, arrange them in stages (much like slides in a presentation), and bring your lesson to life with your own voice and fingers. With a single swipe of your finger, you may design each stage of the course, capture drawings as you draw them, and build complex animation sequences. We also offer you the option of describing your lesson in such a manner that anybody interested in the topic may easily discover it.

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