7 Diploma Display Ideas to Show Off Your Achievements

If you’re part of the upward trend in college graduations, then congratulations. It may only be a piece of paper, but right after graduation, that piece of paper is one of the most precious things you own. You have every right to be proud and it’s only fair you have the best place to display it.

In this article, we’ll share 7 display ideas that will get your creative thinking going. After all the effort to earn this high school degree or diploma, it’s worth a little extra thought to get some framing ideas that will boost your self-confidence for years to come.

1. Frame of Mind

There are almost limitless options to framing your university degree. The wonderful thing about these framing options is that it doesn’t matter what type of degree it is, you can make it look awesome and give it pride of place.

The style of the frame can reflect your personality and creativity, or you can match the frame and colors to the style of the school or institute you attended. If you attended a famous university that has a long history and is well known then they will have a great identity that you can combine with the frame.

2. Top of Glass

This is a great creative idea and will be a nice talking piece in your home office, at work, or anywhere you think it will have a good effect. The idea is that you position your certificate underneath the glass on a glass tabletop. A good example is a typical glass-topped coffee table.

There are other ways of doing this that are interesting. For example, you could consider putting it under the glass on your desk. An alternative is to put it under the glass on a meeting table.

Whatever you decide, it will look artsy and create an icebreaker or conversational point that can be fun and at the same time highlight an important part of your education and qualifications.

3. Out of the Shadows

While at college, you may have felt that you were in the shadows. Well, that’s over now and you can highlight your educational achievement by creating a shadow box. This is a deep-set box that can be hung on the wall and allows you to place several items together.

Your diploma will feature, but you can include other memorabilia according to your taste and preference. A nice touch is to include the school motto in nice writing. Or, you might want to include a material badge with the school crest.

4. Walk Down Memory Lane

Instead of just hanging one certificate on the wall, you might like to create a sort of memory wall. You can hang several related pictures together that show the college and noteworthy event photos from your time studying there.

Some people like to create a family wall with memories and achievements that the family has accumulated over many decades. This is super nice when you have multiple generations attending the same school or university. Something to be proud of as each new generation makes their mark and follows the family tradition.

5. Plaque of Honor

If you like art and craft, then this is one of those display tips that will appeal to you. Instead of hanging your certificate, you can use it to commission someone to make an art piece from it as inspiration. For example, the details from your diploma can be laser etched into a wooden plaque.

This will give you lots of creative options about the style of wood, the wood finish, and even the size of the piece. You can customize the design to match the decor in the room you intend to hang it. An alternative is that it can hang in the garden, sit on a desktop; whatever works for you.

6. Double Trouble

Not everyone has got an entire wall in their house to dedicate to their achievements, and for some, they might prefer something more low-key. In which case this is a good option.

Frames often look good in pairs so you can have two matching frames hanging on the wall together. You can do fun things like having half of the diploma in the top frame and the other half in the bottom frame. Or, you may wish to include other relevant pictures from the school that will complement the overall look.

7. Timeless Classic

Everyone is different and sometimes it can get overwhelming with all the different creative options. So there is nothing wrong with the classic look of your diploma.

Keep in mind that if you do go simple with a standard frame design, it’s a good idea to get it done professionally. This will ensure all the proportions are right and that it won’t attract attention for all the wrong reasons.

Whatever framing option you go for you should think about getting the diploma college certificate copied so that it can be used in the frame instead of the real thing. You will need the real thing as you apply for jobs and have to prove your qualifications.

Best Display Ideas

In this article, you’ve read about 7 display ideas to show off your achievements. As you think about these options, you’ll see there are many different ways you can display your diploma.

The best option will depend on you, the room, the colors, and other factors too. Don’t rush into this decision, let the creative process settle and you’ll see more clearly what to go for. Try sketching your ideas out first and then make your mind up.

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