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Are you feeling frustrated with your students’ lack of engagement? Perhaps they are too busy playing games or using their phones to pay attention. When this happens, it may be time for a change in the way that you interact with them. Here are some apps that can help!

The “best apps for online teaching” are the apps that will make your interaction with your students easier. These apps include lesson plans, interactive whiteboard activities, and more.

25th of April, 2014 I’ve been sharing some helpful iPad ideas and applications from Tony Vincent’s ” iPad as Teacher’s Pet” over the past several days. In today’s article, I’ll show you six essential applications for using your iPad for interactional reasons. You may use these applications to poll people, interact, and organize game shows. While some of these tools do not need the use of iPads, some do require students to utilize a computer or device that can access the internet, email, or text messaging:

1- Polling Stations


Make open-ended and multiple-choice polls. Students may reply by visiting a URL on any device or computer, or by sending a text message. On your iPad, you can see the findings in real time.

2- Kahoot


Kahoot is a classroom response system that is based on a game. On getkahoot.com, the instructor may design quizzes and surveys. Students may participate on any smartphone or computer by going to kahoot.it and inputting the game-pin.

Plickers 3


You may poll your pupils without requiring them to use any devices. Simply print and distribute a card to each student. Plickers can scan the cards using the camera if you move your iPad across the room.

Remind101 (#4)


Send text messages and emails to groups of students or parents with the Remind101 app. Teachers do not have access to their students’ phone numbers, and students do not have access to theirs.

5- Soundboard for a Game Show


Toggle to the top to quickly play sound effects that are ideal for classroom game shows. Even countdown clocks with dramatic music are available. Speakers provide the finest sound.

PicMeBuzzer is number six on the list.


Gather up to five students around your iPad to hold a little tournament where students may buzz in. It’s obvious who was the first to tap their phone number. PickMeBuzzer may be configured to operate with a number of different Apple devices.

The “kahoot” is a game-based learning platform that allows you to interact with your students in a fun and engaging way. It’s been used by over 100 million people worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best interactive apps?

A: The best interactive apps are ones that make use of the devices sensors. These include games like Fruit Ninja and the Google Tilt Brush application for drawing with virtual reality

How do you improve student interaction?

A: I believe that a crucial component for student interaction is having the opportunity to have more than one choice. Students need options, not just being forced into an activity by their teacher or peers.

What is the most effective way to communicate with students?

A: There is no one answer that will work for every teacher. One way you can communicate with students is to use graphs and charts, as this allows teachers to keep track of the classes progress and see if there are any trends or problems coming up in their class

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