6 Expert Tips to Make Your College Admission Essay Work

No subject makes a high school student more excited than writing a college application. Oh, those 500 words! They often determine whether you go to your dream school or continue to live in your parents’ basement for at least another year.

Even if you fill out all the applications and pass all the tests, you could end up on the scrap heap. Just because your work didn’t impress the admissions committee. But what if you change the way you look at the admissions test? What if you turn it into an opportunity to stand out?

Our experts have compiled 6 solid tips to help you create a true recognition catapult.

1. Surprise them with 20 things they don’t already know about you. Suprise Them With 20 Things They Don’t Know About You

Start by writing down 20 facts about yourself that the admissions committee will not find in other parts of your application. Most applicants probably have similar scores and test scores to you, but you probably have something that makes you special. What is it? What are your passions? What experiences have taught you something valuable? You can include stories, jokes, life challenges and even favorite quotes.

You have now created a unique database of your identity. Use it to complete your test and make it personal.

2. tell them the story Tell Them a Story

“Those who tell stories rule the world,” said Plato.

When someone tells you something, when they share something with you and pique your interest, you feel a personal connection. This is how we humans function. And caregivers are no exception. Spark their interest by presenting them with facts about you in a chronological, engaging and compelling way. The story will be much more compelling than a list of reasons why you want to go to college.

Remember, this is a test drive. Don’t Forget It’s an Essay

It’s an essay, not a resume, autobiography or catalog of your accomplishments. Give it a solid topic or thesis. If the university does not offer a topic, choose one story or event from the 20 suggested and focus on it. Be narrow and specific. Don’t try to cover everything or get bogged down. Keep your essay organized and precise.

4. give them proof Give Them Proofs

Give examples to support what you say about yourself. Don’t say, “Being an exchange student in Europe was the experience of a lifetime. Instead, tell how you were admitted to the program, where you studied, and what challenges you faced while studying abroad. Use facts, quotes, and examples to support your story.

5. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Don’t Hesitate to Get Help

Show your drawing to your parents, teachers or friends. Ask if it makes sense and if it looks like you. Listen to their comments and consider changes, but don’t lose your voice!

If you can’t even begin an essay or are just stuck in the middle, seek professional help. Here at Grademiners, we have experts who specialize in admission essay writing. You can write a great essay and get admitted to your dream university, even if you lack time, energy or creativity. We guarantee impeccable quality, timely delivery and total confidentiality.

6. A bonus! Let us inspire you! A Bonus! Get inspired!

Reading sample essays is one of the best ways to learn how to write your own. Below are a few essays that went to the best universities in the United States – Princeton, Stanford and Harvard. They are all different and unique. What they have in common, however, is that they reveal a student’s personality far beyond transcripts and lists of events. Take a look at them:

The best Princeton admissions tests

The best essays accepted at Stanford

The best Harvard admissions essays

Get inspired and always be original by telling your own incredible story!

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