50 Communication Paper Topics for Students Who Want to Succeed

Communication Paper Topics for Students

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No matter the topic, a good essay requires strong communication skills. These skills can be especially important when discussing a topic that is new to you. The key to good communication is to focus on the “big three”: clarity, brevity, and conciseness. In this article, we’ll look at 50 different academic writing topics that you can use to develop your communication skills.

The essay you choose to write for a college Common App or other school scholarship could have a huge impact on your college admissions chances. To succeed, you need a topic that is both relevant to you and interesting to admissions officers. But where can you find a topic that meets both of these criteria? While there are many possibilities, here are 50 top-notch ideas that are sure to wow admissions officers.

Media and communication topics need further study. Some students find this subject difficult, while others enjoy the immersion in modern media processes. Certainly, every student wants to write an effective communication paper for their courses. However, some are better at generating ideas, while others are brilliant at analyzing what they already have. Therefore, we have prepared 50 topics for research papers on communication for our students to increase their thirst for knowledge in this field.

Ideas for stories for media and communication work

  1. The development of the media over time: a history of communication.
  2. History of speech: The importance of public speaking in ancient Rome.
  3. The difference between today’s journalistic ethics and those of the 20th century.
  4. What preceded the art of the interview? Why is the interview an important part of media and communication today?
  5. Language at the beginning of human civilization. The emergence of language as a fundamental form of communication some 70,000 years ago.
  6. Writing systems in ancient times in different cultures.
  7. Communication as the basis of social life in modern times.
  8. The rhetorical styles of great leaders.
  9. The influence of communication on personal development from an early age.
  10. Literacy as a basis for possible growth of media in different social groups today.

Methodology and disciplines for effective communication work

  1. Theory and philosophy of communication.
  2. Communication and qualitative methodology.
  3. The difference between quantitative and qualitative methodology.
  4. An effective study of communication through critical theory.
  5. Cultural studies and their relationship to communication.
  6. A better understanding of communication in the study of feminism.
  7. The social perception of communication.
  8. Psychological aspects of communication.
  9. Rhetorical studies dealing with the subject of communication.
  10. Understanding communication through debate : Political studies and the art of debate.

Media management and communication sheets

  1. Advertising with social media campaigns.
  2. Types of modern advertising.
  3. Planning of advertising campaigns : Budgets and Objectives.
  4. The history of the advertising industry.
  5. Policy and regulations on radio and television broadcasting.
  6. The main causes of the media management crisis.
  7. The importance of communication in business and the economy.
  8. Concepts and history of media management.
  9. International media management : Main features and differences.
  10. Convergence in the media world and specific communication structures.

Key relationships in communication Ideas for report

  1. The ethics of communication in the patient-doctor relationship.
  2. Communication between social groups.
  3. Why is it important to be a subordinate at work?
  4. Basic rules of communication between the participant and the instructor for effective learning.
  5. Media as the primary means of communication between brands and consumers.
  6. Communication in the virtual world : Games, social networks and dating sites.
  7. Friendship as the basis of social communication for successful self-development.
  8. How best to manage communication in an intimate relationship between spouses or romantic partners.
  9. Family communication: Child-parent relationships.
  10. How should workgroup and team leaders communicate?
  11. Criminal gangs and their communication methods (Yakuza, Cosa Nostra and other internationally recognized criminal organizations).

Message characteristics in communication Research topics

  1. Photojournalism and reportage as conveyors of important messages for contemporary society.
  2. How are the media used to communicate about factors that influence communication (sexual orientation, freedom of expression, globalization)?
  3. How do different cultures show their particularities (history of costumes, folklore, traditions)?
  4. What possibilities does communication offer to modern society to solve various problems in life (sexual harassment, fraud, racism, prejudice)?
  5. Speech disorders and communication tools to overcome discomfort in the communication process (speech for the deaf and blind, exercises in sensory reading for the blind).
  6. Traditional forms of communication in 2020. How have they evolved in the last 20 years?
  7. The difference between verbal and non-verbal forms of communication.
  8. Cinema as a visual language for the ultimate communication between the cultures of the world.
  9. Literary genres and specific forms of communication.

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