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Drawing apps can be a fun way to teach kids about shapes, colors and how they work together. These five apps are well-reviewed by parents, teachers and children themselves.

Drawing is a skill that kids love to learn. The “drawing for kids” are apps that provide an easy way to teach your children how to draw.

12th of March, 2014 Drawing is a tried and true method for releasing children’s creativity and enhancing their imagination. Using the many free online tools and smartphone applications available, this has become much simpler and more practical. Several of these tools and applications have previously been featured in prior articles on this blog. Today, though, I’d like to introduce you to several brand-new iPad applications that encourage youngsters to sketch. Take a look at the following:

1- Make a storyboard


It aids in the visualization of information, which is an essential aspect of understanding. It may be utilized for a wide range of youngsters, including special education pupils with language learning disabilities, reading comprehension deficits, and particular learning disabilities caused by language deficiencies. Promotes language via the use of motor skills. It aids in the development of active involvement abilities. Encourages you to keep listening and engaging with the task at hand. 2- Join Stella and Sam in drawing.


In this new art app, you can draw along with Stella and Sam. Choose a shape, embellish it, and then watch it come to life in a fun animation. Take an image using the photo sticker tool and use it to adorn your form. Photos and animations may be saved to your Photo Album and shared with friends and family. The Stella and Sam Apps include beautiful animation and well-designed exercises. 3- Let’s Get Started Learning to Draw


Everything is broken down into small parts in interactive lessons. Animated strokes help you construct each design one form at a time by showing you how each line should appear. Is it still too difficult? When you enable Assist Mode, your strokes will be automatically adjusted, ensuring that you always produce a masterpiece. Are you fed up with organized learning? Use the scratchpad to scribble, draw, and mix paints to your heart’s delight. 4- Drawing Techniques


The How To Draw app, designed specifically for children, includes Coloring Pages on which you may paint any ready-to-paint picture from the online Catalog. You can color a picture in any manner you want, or you can color it in any way you want. 5- Sand Sculpture


You may enjoy hours of peaceful play with your kids as if you were at the beach with Timbuktu Sand Drawing! Timbuktu Sand Drawing is helpful to the development of visual language and problem solving abilities for children and adults alike, regardless of age or ability level. To begin using this app, follow these steps:

  • To draw on the sand, choose a tool.
  • Make a selection of your favorite decorations and include them into the painting.
  • To remove the sand and create a fresh creation, make waves. 

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Drawing and painting for kids is a great way to encourage creativity. There are many apps that can help children learn to draw, paint, or doodle. Here are 5 excellent drawing apps for kids. Reference: drawing and painting for kids..

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 5 most popular apps for kids?

A: I am sorry, but I do not know what you mean by top 5 and most popular.

Is there a drawing app for kids?

A: Yes. The app is called Doodle Kids and its a drawing app that was specifically designed for children to use without any worries about inappropriate content or anything of the sort.

What are the best digital art apps for kids?

A: There are many options for digital art apps that you can download on the app store. Here is a list of some popular ones, but there are plenty more out there!

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