30 Of The Most Popular Trends In Education

From the classroom to your home to the boardroom, education is no longer an exclusive club. One of the most popular trends in education today is the rise of blended learning, where students learn in a combination of different forms of media, including online and in classrooms.

It’s amazing to think that within the past 19 years, the way the world engages with education has changed drastically. In 1999, a curriculum described as ‘limited’ and ‘non-inclusive’ would have been seen as the norm, and being put on a ‘non-selective’ school would have been seen as a failure.

by TeachThoughtstaff

What are the most popular trends in education?

What can you say about the most popular trends in education in 2021? Well, that’s a complicated question.

Determining what is trending is an important part of digital publishing and social media interaction. Articles on Facebook, Google News, Apple News, hashtags on Twitter and even our own TeachThought website all lean heavily on statistics.

It is easy to philosophize about this concept – for example, that the most popular is not always the most effective or the best. So this post is not about the most innovative, interesting, or effective trends, but about the most popular trends in innovative education, as far as we can tell based on our limited data and individual perspectives.


1. It must be popular.

2. And since it’s TeachThought, it must be about innovation or growth in education.

How we measured

How did we determine the most popular trends in education?

Basically, we took four quantitative data points and combined them with imperfect but hopefully useful human knowledge and cognition. This results in four objective indicators and a subjective perception of things. We then combined them into a score on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest score.

5 data points to identify the most popular trends in education.

1. Data from popular search engines (e.g. Google, Bing, etc.) [unbiased].

2. TeachThought research data [objective].

3. Traffic and search patterns in and on popular education sites [objective].

4. Social media metrics [goal].

5. Editorial impression of TeachThought [subjective].

Based on trends observed in our research database, content analysis, and a seemingly unscientific daily review of industry conversations, press releases, peer content, internal dialogue, and social media use, here are the top 12 trends in innovation education for 2020.

For each of them, we’ve also included one of our top reading recommendations. Also, use the search function to find and share other resources.

It should be noted that this method contains many biases, is clearly unscientific and by no means exhaustive. Take this with a grain of salt as an example of current trends in Western K-12 public education.

The 30 hottest education trends for 2021

1. Growth mindset

Results: 10

Trends : To the top

The best sources

25 simple ways to develop a growth mindset

Create a growth mindset as a teacher: 9 Applications for admission

25 alternatives for the words I don’t know and I can’t.

Related topics : Maker Education, student-centered learning, habits of mind, emotions in learning, empathy.

Develop with >> TeachThought PD growth mindset workshops

2. Maker Learning (equality)

Results: 9.7

Trends : To the top

The best sources

Cool! A card game that can be customized with Maker Learning!

24 unique teaching resources from Maker for teaching and learning.

The Language of the Maker’s Movement: 38 Terms for Teachers

Related topics : Failing Forward, robotics in the classroom, coding, independent learning.

Developing with >> TeachThought PD Maker Ed Workshops

2. Bloom’s taxonomy (equality)

Results: 9.7

Trends : Neutral

The best sources

126 Bloom’s Taxonomy of Verbs for Digital Learning

A three-dimensional model of Bloom’s taxonomy

14 brilliant posters on Bloom’s taxonomy for teachers

Related topics : Critical thinking, curriculum development, independent learning, inquiry-based learning.

4. Digital citizenship/education

Results: 9.4

Trends : Down

The best sources

Definition of digital citizenship

From digital citizenship to digital leadership for students

Why digital citizenship should be taught in every classroom

Related topics : Big data, data protection, digital footprint, mobile learning

Developing digital literacy through workshops on blogging and digital portfolios with >> TeachThought PD.

5. Personalised learning

Results: 9

Trends : Neutral

The best sources

Personal Learning Guide for Beginners

Definition of personalized learning

5 Tools and strategies to support personalized learning

Related topics : Student-centered learning, adaptive learning algorithms, gamification, mobile learning, BYOD, blended learning.

6. Project-based learning

Results: 8.8

Trends : To the top

The best sources

Using project-based learning to reverse Bloom’s taxonomy and deepen learning

4 things all teachers should do for project-based learning

TeachThought resources for project based learning

TeachThought PBL Seminars

Related topics : Research in the classroom, scenario-based learning, place-based education.

Developing PBL seminars with >> TeachThought PD

7. Building a team for training

Results: 8.6

Trends : Neutral

The best sources

Making friends: 10 teambuilding games for students

More teamwork, less groupwork: 27 ways to build a team

10 teambuilding games to promote critical thinking

Related topics : Emotions in learning, empathetic learning, citizenship, whole child learning, socio-cultural/social-economic justice.

8. Blended learning

Results: 8.5

Trends : To the top

The best sources

Find the right model for you: 12 forms of blended learning

Advantages of blended learning

10 popular blended learning tools that teachers actually use

Related topics : Alternative classroom, e-learning, mobile learning, modular education

9. Engineering hour

Results: 8.2

Trends : Down

The best sources

What is the genius hour?

6 Principles of engineering Lessons in class

Engineering hours Construction cycle

Related topics : Self Learning, Google in the Classroom, Maker Learning.

Develop passion-based learning with >> TeachThought PD : One hour of engineering and 20% of workshop time

10. Empathy training

Results: 8.0

Trends : To the top

The best sources

How to teach empathy

The difference between sympathy and empathy

The 30 best books for teaching children empathy

Related topics : The whole child, equality in education,

11. Reasoning on the basis of educational technology

Results: 7.8

Trends : Neutral

The best sources

Why some teachers reject technology in the classroom

Let’s face it: Educational technologies are not yet adequate

Don’t spend a dime on education technology until it’s clear.

Related topics : Education reform, equality in education, education technology.

12. Social-emotional learning

Results: 7.5

Trends : To the top

The best sources

Why emotion is more important than reason

5 strategies for integrating social-emotional learning into your classroom.

25 Tools for social-emotional learning

Related topics :

13. Alternatives to traditional schools

Results: 7.2

Fashion trends: Neutral

The best sources

50 crazy ideas to change education

Wikipedia overview of school alternatives (not a TeachThought resource).

13 alternatives to the public school (no TeachThought source).

Related topics : On-site teaching, self-directed learning, e-learning, micro-schools/micro-education, home schooling.

14. Robotics/Coding

Results: 6.9

Trends : To the top

The best sources

Coding in the classroom: 10 tools students can use to develop applications and games

Infographic: Robotics and the future of STEM

Podcast TeachThought Ep. 86 Involve pupils in robotics and STEM

Related topics :

15. Alternatives for letter grades

Results: 6.8

Trends : To the top

The best sources

12 alternatives for numbers in letters in education

Dear parents: Here’s what you need to know about letter grades

How gamification exposes the nuances of the learning process

Related topics :

Developing together >> TeachThought PD Moving away from traditional notation Workshop

16. Brain-based learning

Results: 6.5

Trends : To the top

The best sources

The neuroscience of learning: 41 terms every teacher should know

6 goals for learning how the brain learns

Related topics : Neuroscience, curiosity, critical thinking

17. Gamification

Results: 6.3

Trends : Down

The best sources

63 things every student should know in the digital world

12 examples of gamification in the classroom

The difference between gamification and game-based learning

Related topics : Learning by playing, learning by playing, alternatives for letter numbers

18. Adaptive learning algorithms

Results: 6.1

Trends : To the top

The best sources

10 smart applications with built-in adaptive learning mechanisms

Sorting area : Using data to learn in a meaningful way

Professional development for differentiation of TeachThought

Related topics :

19. Playful learning

Results: 6

Trends : To the top

The best sources

21 clever games to learn by playing

8 principles of learning through games

A list of over 50 teaching strategies to shake up your teaching brain.

Related topics : Gamification, mobile learning, game-based learning

20. Mobile learning

Results: 5.8

Trends : Down

The best sources

12 Principles of mobile learning

Transition to mobile learning

Definition of mobile learning

Related topics : personalized learning, game based learning, adaptive learning algorithms.

Other popular trends in education: self-directed learning, alternatives to grades on paper, artificial intelligence, micro-teaching, modular education, socio-cultural/socio-economic equity, flipped classroom (see also blended learning), scripted learning, adaptive learning algorithms, BYOD/BYOT, social media in the classroom, digital portfolios.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top trends in education?

The top trends in education are the use of technology, the use of social media, and the use of online learning.

What are emerging trends in education?

Emerging trends in education are the changes that are happening in education today. These changes include the use of technology, increased emphasis on STEM, and more focus on global awareness.

What are the current trends in educational technology?

The current trends in educational technology are the use of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, to enhance learning.

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