3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Career in Professional Bookkeeping Services

Did you know the accounting services industry is worth $141.8 billion as of 2022?

Given this number, it makes sense that you might want to look into bookkeeping jobs. You’re probably asking yourself a few questions, too.

Do accounting professionals need a bookkeeper certification? What is the bookkeeping salary?

Here are three reasons to start professional bookkeeping services.

1. Do It Anywhere

Bookkeeping jobs are everywhere. If you go into professional bookkeeping, you won’t be constrained to searching for those jobs in certain cities. You can even do bookkeeping overseas if you want!

The reason for this is twofold. First, professional bookkeeping jobs are growing every year. Secondly, every industry needs bookkeeping professionals, so you can take your pick.

This gives you a lot of freedom to do what you love within bookkeeping. What are you passionate about? You can do bookkeeping for retail, nonprofits, construction firms, government offices, and more.

If you aren’t sure what industry you want to work in, look into companies that share your values. Read a few mission statements on their websites until you find one that resonates with you.

Maybe you don’t want to work at a particular company at all. Why not be your own boss? Work from home, acquire clients, and set your own prices. Most bookkeeping professionals work eight to five, but work whenever you want.

2. Pick Your Path

Accounting professionals will need a bookkeeping certification before starting their careers. The best part is that you can pick whichever bookkeeping certification you want.

You don’t need a college degree prior to getting a bookkeeping certification, either. You don’t need to go to college for it, and you can study on your own time.

You need to decide what kind of professional bookkeeping services you’re going to pursue. We recommend starting with an Accounting and Bookkeeping certification.

Take a TAFE course if you want to go into auditing or accounting. People who take a professional bookkeeping class will see significant pay increases in salary.

The other great thing about professional bookkeeping is that you can choose full-time or part-time. You can even amp up your hours during tax season.

3. The Bookkeeping Salary

We now come to the part you’ve been waiting for: the bookkeeping salary.

As we mentioned, completing a bookkeeper certification will give you an advantage in the industry. As of 2022, the median bookkeeping salary is just over $45,000.

It wouldn’t be hard to move up, though, if you move within your sector to roles with higher salaries. Your other option is honing in on industries that will pay you more, like the postal office.

Professional Bookkeeping Services

For those looking into professional bookkeeping services, it’s time to take the leap. The benefits are that it offers stable pay and flexible hours.

It’s also accessible to anyone who hasn’t gone to college, and it paves the way to your passions. If you need more career advice, we’ve got you. Keep reading our site for more.

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