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As a teacher, you have been given the opportunity to share your knowledge with another human being. However as our society has evolved so too has online communities for teachers. Here are 10 Google Plus Communities every teacher should know about:

Google Plus has just pushed out a slew of significant upgrades to its features, ranging from page layout improvements to enhancements to Google Plus Communities. Google added Google Plus to its ecosystem last year. This is referred to as “your web” by Google. Instead of all the public information that is currently accessible to anybody searching through Google, you will be able to view information that you have shared on Google’s new social network and on some of Google’s other services, such as Picasa Web.

Today, though, I’d want to concentrate on a Google Plus feature called “communities,” which is a really intriguing tool. This tool, in my opinion, is a fantastic opportunity for instructors to extend their personal/professional networks by interacting and exchanging materials with a global audience of like-minded educators and teachers.

Teachers may also utilize Google Plus communities to build classroom communities where students can learn cooperatively. For instructions on how to do so, see ” 11 Steps to Create a Google Plus Community for Your Class “.

If you want to expand your professional network and utilize Google Plus communities to do it, here are some excellent groups to join. Take a look at them below and let us know what you think. Enjoy


This is the blog’s community that we built. By becoming a member, you will be able to keep up with what we publish every day and participate in important tech ed conversations. I hope to see you there.

Google Apps for Education (Google Apps for Education) (Google Apps for Education)


This is a group of individuals that are interested in using Google Apps in the classroom. With Google Apps for Education, you can connect, discuss, share, and discover. 3- Technology in Education


A community of educators, technologists, students, and anybody else interested in discussing all things educational technology. 4- Technology Leadership in the School

Anyone interested in successful technology leadership in K-12 schools is welcome to attend. Please spread the word and donate as much as you can! 5- Educational Management


A group of people dedicated to educational leadership. Principals, superintendents, central office administrators, academics, and policymakers are all examples of people who work in education. 6- Connected Education


This Community will be a friendly place where learners of all ages and backgrounds may come together to share their linked learning experiences, problems, and ideas. iPad Ed. No. 7


This is a group for educators who use or intend to use iPads and other mobile devices to engage students and improve learning outcomes. Educators in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)


This is a community for STEM instructors to get together and share their knowledge and experiences. However, since everyone is engaged in the educational process, everyone is welcome here. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re interested in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics education. Google Docs and Drive (nine)


Welcome to the Google Docs and Drive community, where we talk about new Google Drive capabilities, debate desired additions or concepts, and help others with their issues! 10- Educational Technology and Innovation A community dedicated to the confluence of research and practice in the field of teaching and learning innovation.

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